Stunning design.  Killer first impressions.  100% Responsive across all devices.

Kazoo Creative’s responsive web design services give you all of this and more.  And we do it with real results as the ultimate objective.  We do web design right – with marketing in mind.  Our web sites captivate your prospects and customers, driving them to take action.  That means you look good AND make money.

What is involved in EFFECTIVE web design?

  • Don’t make users think
  • Don’t waste users’ time
  • Focus users’ attention
  • Guide your users through your site
  • Use effective writing
  • Strive for simplicity – (KIS)
  • Be consistent with layout
  • Be conventional – don’t reinvent
  • Have a peer review
  • Keep it clean

Examples of EFFECTIVE web design

Sites that need help!

KAZOO CREATIVE - Before & After