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The Kazoo Story and What’s in it For You

For years, I was the Director of Digital Marketing and Web Developer for Your Marketing Corner, a walk-in retail marketing store that served local merchants and small businesses by providing a one stop marketing solutions shop that included online and offline marketing, web development and design, marketing collateral and graphic design, SEO and online advertising. It was my mission to identify, simplify and solve marketing challenges for my clients so that they could grow their revenue and business.

I loved it. I was helping regular guys (and gals) grow their small businesses. And they were so grateful.

Then I went on to become the Director of Interactive Marketing and Web Developer for Leads onDemand, a lead generation and marketing firm that serviced Fortune 100 High Tech clients, including Oracle, HP, IBM, Hitachi Data Systems and NetApp.

I thought I’d love it. Turns out I was wrong.

I hated it. I was just making rich companies richer. And because the investment was coming from big corporate marketing budgets, my clients weren’t as invested. Why would they be? It wasn’t their hard earned money.

I got so much more satisfaction and joy being in partnership with my local merchant clients and helping them impact their small business in meaningful ways. I loved the satisfaction of having a deeply personal connection and impact on their businesses. I loved protecting their hard earned money by making sure to deliver on their investment in my services. It never got old when my clients wanted to take me out for a beer because their business was growing. One of the best things a client ever told me was that 90% of his brand new dental practice revenue came as a direct result of my efforts with his Google AdWords account.

That’s why I created Kazoo. I get the satisfaction of impacting small and local businesses in a meaningful way, and get to see the results of that impact with real people and real businesses. And you get the benefit of my years of experience in web design and marketing for high-end, High Tech brands. You get a boutique service at a fair rate – a luxury service at Marshall’s affordability. Kind of like that name-brand shirt you paid five bucks for on the clearance rack.

I love building things. One of my hobbies is carpentry. It’ when I get out into the garage, get away from everything and lose time. I love taking raw materials and creating something from nothing. More specifically, I love creating something that is beautiful and functional. That’s why I love building web sites and email marketing campaigns. I love bringing ideas to life and creating something from nothing. Building your web presence gives me the same feeling. And it’s functional and beautiful.


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