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You’ve got enough to worry about as a small business owner.

You need to be free to do what you do best – run your business and take care of your customers. You also need customers and prospects to find you online. But you don’t need to worry about web sites and online marketing, too. You’ve got enough responsibility on your shoulders.

You’ve got the hook. You’ve got the line. And now it’s time to reel in that business fish for all its worth.

That’s where Kazoo comes in.

We provide affordable, effective web sites, make your existing web presence more responsive, and offer design and marketing services.

It’s our job to make you shine. And help you win more business. Good, honest web design is about making you look good. And we definitely do that. But it’s also about getting results. So our focus is really on helping you grow your business.



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Graphic design, all things marketing…

Meet: Kenny Cox.

He’s a Web Designer. He’s also the owner. Fancy that.

Likes: Carpentry, fishing, playing guitar and Web Design.

Ten years experience in: Web development and design, online marketing, lead generation, email marketing, and twenty five years playing guitar.

People describe him as: A resourceful, honest, insightful, creative, curious, kind-hearted, determined, patient, simple regular guy with tech savvy and a wicked sense of humor. A kid at heart.

Favorite client reaction: Our revenue is up!

Maybe you’re concerned about hiring someone you don’t know. Maybe you’ve been burned by web designers in the past (they’re notorious for that). Maybe you’ve tried online marketing in the past…but it was a wash. Maybe you’ve invested money in trying to get an effective web presence and don’t know where your money went.

Maybe you don’t know enough about the web, or really just want to be free to run your business. Or maybe you’ve had some level of success online…but aren’t sure where to go from here. (The overwhelm can come quick)

I’m Kenny and I’ve got your back.

You’re the exact reason I started Kazoo Creative.


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